About us

It is our pleasure to inform you that restaurant Temperament, specializing in traditional Serbian food, opened its doors on December 21st

Our restaurant is located in Beton Hala, the very heart of Belgrade beneath the river of Sava, with a gorgeous overview on New Belgrade, Sava & Danube confluence, right below Kalemegdan Fortress – in Karadjordjeva 2-4 street

Our mission is to convey the temperament of love towards the capital, national food and music to all our guests. Our main goal is for you to find your safe haven in our restaurant. 

What our restaurant has to offer is a staggering vista over the river while Belgrade wakes, moments of silence with the wood crackling sound straight from our fireplace & magical live shows every night from 10pm up to early morning hours when the whole town slowly shuts. 

Pay us a visit and seize the golden opportunity to taste unique national specialties of our fellow renowned cook Jovica Jovicevic. Taste over 100 high quality international and traditional fine wines and take a sip of homemade brandy Rakija or a wide range of cocktails. 

We are open every day from 10am to 2am

Let your senses come alive and awaken your unique temperament! 

Our temperament suits yours, doesn’t it?


Book your table on time: +381 60 31 31 797

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