Cold appetizers

Appetizer for two 1580 rsd
beef prosciutto, Zlatibor prosciutto, pork neck, kajmak, Zlatibor cheese, fresh cheese, breaded stuffed peppers

Platter of premium cheeses 1480 rsd
monte veronese, caciotta al tartufo, gorgonzola sovrano, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, almond & apricot jam, onion & blueberry jam, pepper jam

Oil-cured cheese 680 rsd
cottage cheese, goat’s milk cheese, pepper salsa, onion & blueberry dip, rocket salad pesto served on a dark toast, kaymak

Steak Tartare for two 1980 rsd
traditionally prepared in front of guests (optional) - butter, toast

Burrata cheese 1380 rsd
fresh vegetables, grapefruit dressing

Foie gras 1860 rsd
on toasted black bread with aronia jam

Beef carpaccio 1380 rsd
linseed bars, truffle dressing, mascarpone cheese, rocket salad pesto & parmesan

Tuna tartar for two 1980 rsd
chopped yellowtail tuna meat, spices by demand


zander fillet glazed in butter sauce with a seasonal mixed salad


calamari in a crispy rice flour coating with potato chips

Sharing menu 3

gratinated smoked pork hock on burek, crispy croquettes with smoked pork hock and roasted potatoes, served with pickles and tartar sauce, chicken drumstick in tempura with guacamole sauce, broccoli, and roasted peppers

Sharing menu 2

crispy fried shrimp with guacamole sauce and lime, bruschetta with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and beef prosciutto, grilled Miroč cheese on peasant salad

Sharing menu 1

rice balls with chicken and parmesan in a crispy coating, rolls stuffed with mushrooms and steak on a mascarpone cheese and mushroom mousse, breaded stuffed pepper


smoked ham hock baked in a kaymak sauce with baby potatoes, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes


grilled steak tagliata on aromatic roasted tomatoes and fresh rocket, with reduced aceto


grilled beef steak with truffle sauce, served on parmesan risotto

Premium dry meat / 50gr

Prosciutto San Daniele 650 rsd
Prosciutto San Daniele comes from the area of Friuli from the north of Italy, it is obtained exclusively from Italian pigs, it ages for at least 13 months and the thus obtained leg ripens under the influence of the Alp winds, which carry the scent of the resin, and from the other side Adriatic winds full of salt, this prosciutto has a unique flavor and texture

Bresaola 720 rsd
Lombardy traditional beef prosciutto. The maturation process lasts 3 months, it is light in taste, purple in color, without fat, seasoned with sea salt, berries, cinnamon and nutmeg

Prosciutto pata negra (Iberico) 1480 rsd
Iberian pork ham is more than food, this meat has a unique taste and aroma because these pigs are fed exclusively with what they find in nature

Prosciutto Iberico 36+ 2580 rsd
Iberian pork ham, these pigs are fed exclusively with oak nuts and forest mushrooms. Dried for around 3 years without the use of fire and smoke

Premium cheese / 100gr

Monte veronese d'allevo D.O.P. (24 meseca) 780 rsd
Hard cow's cheese from the Alps

Caciotta all tartufo 1080 rsd
Cheese made of half-boiled pasteurized milk, to which truffles are added upon maturing

Gorgonzola D.O.P. Sovrano 640 rsd
Cow's cheese that originates from the environ mentally protected area of the Lombardia and Piemonte region, matured over 60 days for a gentle, creamy and sweet taste

Parmigiano reggiano 740 rsd
Hard granulated cheese from Parma, obtained from cow's milk, aged at least one year in pieces of cheese weighing about 30 kilograms, it has a characteristic resinous crust on which the quality stamp of parmigiano reggiano is imprinted

Pecorino romano 760 rsd
Hard, semi-cooked cheese produced in the roman region around cities of Rome, Grosseto and Latina, it is produced only from full fat sheep's milk, aged for 80 days or more

Warm appetizers

Grilled cheese 680 rsd
with vegetables and raspberry jam

BREADED stuffed pepper 420 rsd
with aged kajmak and roasted almonds

Traditionally baked pie 450 rsd
homemade, hand-folded pie with cheese, served with sour milk

Marinated pears 780 rsd
goat’s milk cheese with herbs and a pear dipped in honey and aceto

Prawns in crispy crust 980 rsd
prawns in puff pastry crust on a light dressing

Melanzana 480 rsd
baked eggplant with goat cheese

Pasta and Risotto

Pasta cacio e pepe 920 rsd
homemade tagliatelle with truffle cheese and crunch pepper

Pappardelle with prawns 1180 rsd
homemade dark paste dipped in prawn sauce

Carbonata tagliatelle 860 rsd
homemade tagliatelle in cream parmesan sauce with bacon and egg yolk

Salmon gniocchi 960 rsd
dipped in broccoli cream with cherry tomatoes and olives

Porcini & PROSCIUTTO RISOTTO 860 rsd
flavor blend of prawns, smoked pancetta, parmesan, olive oil, pear and porto wine

Steak risotto with soy sauce 1280 rsd
creamy vegetable risotto enriched with steak in soy sauce

Milanese risotto 1280 rsd
creamy risotto with saffron, prawns and crispy zucchini

Soups and potages

Creamy steak soup 380 rsd

Potage of the day 320 rsd

Tomato soup with shrimps 460 rsd

Spicy tomato soup with smoked bacon 340 rsd
Vegan available

Dry age

T-bone steak 5,2 rsd/gr
aromatized potatoes and baked vegetables

Sirloin steak 5,2 rsd/gr
aromatized potatoes and baked vegetables

Main Dish Salads

Turkey steak 980 rsd
Fresh mix of green salads with apple, pomegranate, beetroot, baked walnuts and grapefruit dressing

Prawns 1280 rsd
Fresh mix of green salads with apple, pomegranate, beetroot, baked walnuts and grapefruit dressing

Crispy steak 1280 rsd
Fresh mix of green salads with apple, pomegranate, beetroot, baked walnuts and grapefruit dressing

Octopus salad 1480 rsd
Octopus with kalamata olives, parsley, citrus juice and olive oil dressing


Rebra BBQ 965 rsd
pork ribs sous vide 3h served with coleslaw salad and mashed potatoes

Temperament grill for two 2780 rsd
homemade cevapi, donuts, bbq sausages, rolled chicken, stuffed pork fillet, pork ribs, pancetta, beef cutlet, grilled vegetables, baked potatoes and prawns

Kobasica od divljači 1750 rsd
venison, pork, wild boar and pasta with black truffles

Veel cutlet 1750 rsd
veel cutlet served with baked eggplant & truffle puree

Rib eye steak 2940 rsd
with crunchy vegetables and baked potatoes in shell

Clay pot roasted veal 1280 rsd
clay pot roasted veal sous vide 3h, dipped in cinder

Beefsteak with truffle sauce 2350 rsd
with parmesan risotto

Beefsteak with fresh herbs 2180 rsd
Flekice aglio e olio

Foie gras steak 2650 rsd
served with celery puree

Steak tagliata with forest mushrooms 2380 rsd
with cheese sauce on a baked polenta with sorted forest mushrooms


Tuna on crispy vegetables 1980 rsd
celery, carrots, zucchini, peppers

Grilled salmon 1680 rsd
with black rissoto and zucchini

Grilled octopus 2400 rsd
three types of puree, baked polenta, citrus dressing

PStuffed salmon 1580 rsd
salmon stuffed with dried tomatoes, olives and baby spinach, served with carrot puree and baked vegetables

Stuffed salmon 1760 rsd
broccoli puree and mediterranean potatoes

Charcoal grilled barbeque

Chef's kebabs 820 rsd
Skadarlija, Leskovac and Novi Pazar-style kebabs

Turkey steak 1180 rsd
with prosciutto and smoked cheese, sous vide 4h

Traditional meat fritters 890 rsd
Pikantni uštipci na rukoli, crnom luku i čeri paradajzu

Pork fillet with pork crackling coating 1080 rsd
pork fillet with celery puree, baked potatoes in shell, smoked cheese sauce

Afumicato chicken 980 rsd
grilled chicken fillet with gnocchi in kajmak and smoked cheese sauce

Busha beef burger 1050 rsd
french fries prepared in a shell, caesar dressing and sweet chilly sauce

Monastery chicken 960 rsd
readed and stuffed with prosciutto, fresh cheese and red pepper in walnut crust

Crispy chicken(160gr) 680 rsd
chicken in panko breadcrumbs with two types of sauce and french fries

*Half a portion is charged 65% of the price


Homemade ajvar 430 rsd

Šopska salad 380 rsd

Serbian salad 350 rsd

Tomato with cheese 350 rsd

Bećar salad 420 rsd
torn baked peppers, tomato, spring onion, cheese

Cabbage salad 260 rsd

Greek salad 480 rsd

Mixed greens 350 rsd

Fresh spicy roasted pepper 90 rsd

Rocket salad, cherry tomato, parmesan 480 rsd


Basket of bread 280 rsd
A selection of homemade bread

Flatbread 120 rsd

Homemade wholegrain bread 120 rsd

Cornbread 80 rsd


Dumpling filled with wild strawberries and white chocolate
in a vanilla sauce
460 rsd

Apple pie, salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream 320 rsd

Creampie 460 rsd

Chocolate hazelnut dumpling 460 rsd

Pistachio baklava 340 rsd