The Magical Cuisine

Jovica Jovičić – The Chef (Temperament)

True food magicians can make an explosion of taste, which can easily lead our body and spirit to a bliss. It is our great pleasure to have such a magician as Jovica Jovičić is in our temperamental kitchen.
He had traveled the world, studied from Italy to Greece, across Russia and Belgium… There are many gold and silver medals he won in international culinary competitions, as well as the Grand Prix. He managed to convince many famous actors in his magic, as well as many artists and world travelers who have enjoyed tasting his food from Belgrade to Bosphorus. He was one of the the main “hell’s chefs” in the famous “Hell’s Kitchen” TV series.

Homemade Specialties


Jovica has put his rich international experience unselfishly in the service of local restaurants, and also helped setting up many new restaurants, as well as gastronomic departments of hotels across Serbia and the region.

Come to Temperament and enjoy its magic every day.